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Glue and remover set (NEW FORMULA)


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We have made the choice to combine both our “LayUrLace” Glue and glue remover in a special box to say thank you!
This extreme non latex, non toxic, sweat proof, strong and long lasting lace adhesive is like no other on the market!
Apply your new glue to clean skin 
( with the choice of using our skin protecter availability on site) And use 2-4 thin layers of "LayURlace” glue. Wait for glue to become semi-clear (glue will dry clear)
before you apply your lace.
Apply your Lace Melting Band (also available on our site) and use the hair dryer on a cool setting for around 2-5 mins to help seal the glue.
Style as desired before removing your band.
Once you’re ready, take your LayUrLace glue remover and spray directly onto your lace to help loosen the glue.
When washing your wig, spray the inside of your lace with the remover and continue using shampoo to clean your Lace / wig

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 3 × 4 cm

Blue, Black


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